IPSA Metabolizer ME Superior e

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Brand: IPSA

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1: Oily skin
2: Normal skin
3: Oily yet dry skin
4: Dry skin

A moisturising, brightening, early anti-aging treatment. For skin which has started to feel changes to its condition such as decreased resilience. The dense beauty ingredients fill the skin (stratum corneum) with rich moisture, leading to a resilient/elastic as well as bright, clear and translucent skin.

175ml / 5.9 fl.oz

1: Light and refreshing texture leaving skin non-sticky.
2: Maintain the well-balanced proportion of moisture and oil.
3: Controls excess sebum secretion while replenishing moisture.
4: Increase moisture retention while replenishing an optimum amount of oil. Rich and moist texture gives the skin a moisture feel and luster.

- Made in Japan

How to Use
- After cleansing, take 3 pumps on a cotton pad and slowly wipe the entire face. Lastly, pat gently with the whole palms of your hands to smooth in.

IPSA ME (Metabolizer) Guide
ME Regular: Moisturizing
ME Extra: Moisturizing & Brightening
ME Superior e: Moisturizing, Brightening & Early Anti-Aging
ME Sensitive e: For Sensitive Skin

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