FLOWFUSHI LIP 38°C Lip Treatment

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The color of each person's lips is different due to the difference in our blood temperature. This lip treatment gives everyone's lips a gorgeous, slightly flushed lip color of the optimal 38 degree body temperature. LIP 38°C is blended luxuriously with FLOWFUSHI's unique ingredient "end mineral". It increases your blood circulation and leads to 38°C, rosy colored lips. It also focused on the bacteria living in the skin.

Combined lactic acid bacteria "La Flora" that actively treats the bacteria of the skin flora for the first time in the world.
Prevents dullness and hyper pigmentation of thin, delicate lips while protecting from UV rays.


+5°C Coral Orange / HOT for hyperpigmentation lips, dull-looking lips
+3°C Coral Pink / VIVID for pale lips
+1°C Baby Pink / NATURAL
+-0°C Crystal / CLEAR
-2°C Ice Green / COOL - for red lips

- SPF20 PA++
- Made in Japan

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