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HACCI Pollen Capsules

HACCI Pollen Capsules

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Brand: HACCI 1912

  • 120 capsules
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A supplement to keep your body healthy and immune to the ravages of the seasons. Enriched with the honeybee pollen, which contains a good balance of various nutrients that help build a healthy body, including protein, carbohydrates, amino acids as well as fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, is the primary source of nutrition for honeybees.

Pollen contains mucin, which is effective in dealing with itchiness and irritation you may feel during the spring months.
The pollen is blended with olive oil and Vitamin E and packaged in soft, easy-to-swallow capsules that can be readily consumed on a daily basis.

120 capsules

How to Take
- Take 3 to 5 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water.

Storage and Handling
Keep out of reach from children. Keep away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures and store in a cool dry place with the cap securely fastened in an airtight manner.

Olive oil, Pollen extract, Gelatin, Beeswax, Glycerin, Polyglyceryl fatty acid ester, Vitamin E

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