ASTALIFT Drink Pure Collagen 10000

ASTALIFT Drink Pure Collagen 10000

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  • Peach Yogurt flavored
  • Caffeine-free

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Each bottle contains 10,000 mg of low-molecule Marine Collagen to ensure effective absorption by the body, aided by two types of Pico-Collagens (Proline and Lysine) necessary for Collagen synthesis. Ornithine, vitamin C and ceramide also help enhance collagen synthesis. Restore your skin’s natural moisture, elasticity, and smoothness for a glow that radiates from within.

- Peach Yogurt flavored
- Caffeine-free

10 Bottles (30ml each)
30 Bottles (30ml each)

How to Take
- Drink 1 bottle daily.

- Avoid direct sunlight. Store in cool dry place.
- If you are pregnant, lactating or taking medications, please consult a doctor before taking any nutritional products.
- Do not heat or freeze the product.
- Consume immediately after opening.

Nutrition Information per 1 bottle (30ml)
Energy 46kcal
Protein 11.3g
Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 1.1g
Sodium 0-25mg
Vitamin C 250mg
Fish Collagen 10,000mg
Ornithine 400mg

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