Chikuhodo GSN SERIES 6-Brush Set

Chikuhodo GSN SERIES 6-Brush Set

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Brand: Chikuhodo

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This six-piece makeup brush set includes:

- Chikuhodo GSN-1 Powder
- Chikuhodo GSN-4 Cheek/Highlight
- Chikuhodo GSN-7 Eyeshadow
- Chikuhodo GSN-9 Eyeshadow 
- Chikuhodo GSN-13 Eyebrow
- Chikuhodo GSN-16 Lip
- Chikuhodo C-23 Brush Case (Artificial leather, 218mm x 268mm)

 - Made in Japan

*Chikuhodo products may take up to 5 business days to ship.

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