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Clé de Peau Beauté Synactif Eye Care Ritual

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An intensive, eye care beauty treatment that provides results beyond problem-solving benefits. Promotes an exquisitely smooth skin texture and helps maintain a look of suppleness with every movement of the eyes.

-Encourages a look of improved contours, texture, and tone in the eye area through a daily care ritual.
-Diminishes dark circles and dullness, and brings forth an evenness, clarity, and brightness that gives the eye area an exquisite glow.
-Scented with a delicate fragrance that reflects the depth and richness of Rose SYNACTIF.

A luxurious yet lightweight cream especially formulated for the thin delicate skin of the eye area. Melts into skin quickly and provides an exquisitely rich sensation.

A mask that is to be used as a weekly beauty ritual in conjunction with the daily eye cream. Boosts the skin’s power, and enhances the potential of skin and the appearance of eye area contours.

How to Use
Eye Cream
- Apply each evening as the final step of your skincare routine. Apply in the morning prior to sunscreen.
- Press the dispenser once to release the formulation onto fingertips. Apply formulation to the eyelids and beneath both eyes. Smooth into skin gently.
Finish with eye exercises:
- Open eyes wide and hold for five seconds.
- Slowly lower eyelids until eyes are almost closed and hold for five seconds.
- Repeat 3 times.
Eye Mask
To achieve optimal benefits from this special treatment, it is recommended that the eye mask be used once a week.
*Contains a contoured piece for each eye. Separate before use.
*Mask is designed with two special layers. Handle gently to prevent film layer from detaching.
- Use as the final step of your evening skincare routine, after applying EYE CREAM.
- Carefully hold the mask and separate the two contoured pieces from each other. The cream-infused side of the mask will be placed against skin.
- Pull the contoured flaps outward and grasp each side of the mask. Carefully position the wider area of the mask near the outer corner of eye.
- With the horizontal perforation positioned under each eye, press mask gently over the eye area, fitting the mask against the contours of the nose and near the corners of the eye.
- Repeat for the opposite eye. When the second piece of the mask is applied, the mask will overlap between the eyebrows. Close eyes and fit contoured flaps over eyelids.
- Remove mask after 10 minutes and gently smooth remaining cream into skin.


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Clé de Peau Beauté Synactif Eye Care Ritual