Cosme Decorte AQ Meliority Repair Cleansing Cream

Cosme Decorte AQ Meliority Repair Cleansing Cream

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Brand: Cosme Decorte

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A cleansing cream that spreads smoothly to quickly lift and remove eye and lip makeup as well as impurities.
The cream changes form when it blends with oxidized cells and skin impurities so as to clearly signal when to remove (and how effectively it functions). Formulated with DOUBLE PEPTIDES (moisturizers) that improve the skin's healing ability, when the cream is removed the skin emerges with a clarity and firmness only otherwise achievable with a thorough facial.

150g / 5.29 oz

How to Use
- Take a cherry-sized amount and dab onto five areas of the face: the chin, both cheeks, the nose, and the forehead.
- Spread and work into the skin well to remove makeup and impurities.-Carefully and gently wipe off with facial tissue (or wash off with water).

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