Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Lipid Oil Mask

Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Lipid Oil Mask

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Brand: Cosme Decorte

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An oil mask that rejuvenates skin, which tends to become harder and duller with age, and restores it to a lustrous, springy condition. High performance treatment oil composed primarily of Rosa canina fruit (rose hip) oil and other botanical ingredients that soften the skin boost your skin's femininity. Skin in reborn with plump and a bright, healthy appearance.

130g / 4.59 oz

How to Use
- Take 3 cherry-sized portion on the fingers and apply a thick coat evenly onto face. Avoid the eyes, eyebrows, hair and mouth.
- After 5-10 minutes, massage the face outwardly from the centre and remove the gel-like mask.
- Wipe face with tissues or cleanse with water.

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