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DECORTÉ Whitelogist Bright Concentrate

DECORTÉ Whitelogist Bright Concentrate

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An innovative skin-brightening serum enriched with Kojic Acid to work deeply in the skin to visibly brighten and even out skin tone. It targets melanocytes that sit deep inside the skin, decreases melanin production and reduces the appearance of dark spots, while promoting radiant and fairer complexion with excellent moisture.

The serum is formulated with a unique Bright Concentrate Complex, containing Angelica Acutiloba Extract, Jujube extract and Grape Seed extract to improve penetration and moisturise the skin at the same time.

Whitelogist Bright Concentrate is refillable.


How to Use
- Apply after toner daily, morning and night.


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DECORTÉ Whitelogist Bright Concentrate
40ml - ¥18,500
  • 40ml - ¥18,500
  • 40ml Refill - ¥18,200