FLOWFUSHI Saisei Sheet Mask

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  • 2 sheets
  • Lifting & firming

Product Details

A set of specially printed sheet masks that moisturize the entire skin while also focusing on the areas of concern. A single mask contains 50 billion lactic acid bacteria and the sheet is knitted with three layers of superfine fibers "Nanofront R" that realize double the adhesive qualities and 2.4 times the immersive capability of regular face masks.

Each set contains two moisturizing masks, offering enough for a seven-day treatment course. There are three types of face pack masks, suitable for targeting different areas of the face: around the eyes, around the mouth and lips, and the face line (jawline).

EYE ZONE: With 2 peptides, EGF and FGF, to provide care for delicate eye area with thin skin and weak moisturizing power. It brings elasticity to the skin from the inside, as well as leaving the eye area looking clear and firm.

LIP ZONE: In addition to FGF, it also contains plant-derived Liftonin to impart firmness, for the mouth area and corners of the mouth which might be concerning. For supple, plump and elastic skin around the mouth area.

FACELINE (Jawline): Formulated with Liftonin, EGF and FGF, with a sheet that thoroughly covers the face down to the chin, to provide care for the face line. It tightens the skin and imparts elasticity, for a beautiful jawline.

2 sheets per set

- Paraben-free; alcohol-free; artificial fragrance-free; gulten-free; silicone-free
- Made in Japan

Solutions for
- Lifting and firming

How to Use
- Use twice a week, recommended on Wednesday and weekend.
- Apply on clean skin, the leave on for 15 minutes
- Remove mask and massage the remaining serum into the skin. Do not rinse.
- Follow with your favorite moisturizer.

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