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HACCI Perfume Conditioner

HACCI Perfume Conditioner

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A hair conditioner that gives hair a soft, gentle glow with bounce, allure and shine.
Sweet and juicy both visually and in taste, mangos, mangosteens and cherimoyas are known throughout the world as beauty fruits. Beautifying agents of these fruit essences are included in the conditioner. With excellent permeability, these essences moisturize your hair, while also repairing damage from hair coloring.

240g / 8.4 oz

- Made in Japan
- Free of paraben, alcohol, mineral oil and coloring.

How to Use
- After rinsing out shampoo, lightly wring out the water in your hair. Apply a sufficient amount of conditioner (dollar coin size (approx. 8ml) to your hair, then rinse.
- Allowing the conditioner to set in for a while before rinsing will let the repairing agents to permeate more fully, and give your hair a silky finish.


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HACCI Perfume Conditioner