IGNIS Bran Cleansing Cream

IGNIS Bran Cleansing Cream

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  • 200g
  • Made in Japan
Weight: 0.3kg
Made with rice bran extract from the pristine Shirakami area in northern Japan, this cleansing cream gently and effectively removes makeup and dirt. Now with an even more luxuriously creamier, smoother formula. While soothing and treating the skin, rice bran extract moisturizes and helps remove dead skin cells and oxidized sebum from the skin.
200g / 7 oz
How to Use
-Take a cherry-sized amount onto the fingertips, and place it on five areas of the face; the chin, both cheeks, the nose and forehead. Spread over the face and then, massage in circular motions.
-Carefully wipe off with facial tissue or rinse off with water or warm water, taking care not to rub too hard.

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