IPSA Metabolizer ME Regular

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Brand: IPSA

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1: Oily skin
2: Normal skin
3: Oily yet dry skin
4: Dry skin

A moisturising treatment.Commits to moisturizing capability. By filling the skin (stratum corneum) with moisture, creates the plump skin texture, leading to a dewy and translucent skin. All types contain Glycyrrhetinic acid to prevent skin roughness, acne and skin problems.

175ml / 5.9 fl.oz

1: Light and refreshing texture leaving skin non-sticky.
2: Maintain the well-balanced proportion of moisture and oil.
3: Controls excess sebum secretion while replenishing moisture.
4: Increase moisture retention while replenishing an optimum amount of oil. Rich and moist texture gives the skin a moisture feel and luster.

- Made in Japan

How to Use
- After cleansing, take 3 pumps on a cotton pad and slowly wipe the entire face. Lastly, pat gently with the whole palms of your hands to smooth in.

IPSA ME (Metabolizer) Guide
ME Regular: Moisturizing
ME Extra: Moisturizing & Brightening
ME Superior e: Moisturizing, Brightening & Early Anti-Aging
ME Sensitive e: For Sensitive Skin

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