JILL STUART Crystal Lucent Face Powder

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A pressed face powder that brings you bright translucency welling up from within and a pure, healthily flushed look.

9g / 0.32 oz

SPF20 PA++

Richly formulated with amino acid powder (for coverage & feeling of moisture) and organic powder (for softness & soft focus).
Blends meltingly into the skin, providing a finish that remains moist even with the passage of time.

- Brush included.
- Made in Japan

01 natural: A natural beige that blends perfectly into your skin (non-pearl)
02 lucent: Cold pastel colors that draw out translucency (non-pearl)
04 pure: Light pink beige, providing a pure translucency NEW
05 cream: Light beige, providing a natural skin tone NEW
06 floral: Lavender color, providing a bright translucency

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