Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma Mist

JILL STUART Fruit & Aroma Mist

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A mist that contains rosewater, rose extract, and an abundance of fresh fruit extracts. Ultra fine mist creates a deep hydrating shower to help replenish dry skin, bringing it a soft, translucent glow.

A mildly acidic formulation mimics the natural pH of healthy skin for extremely gentle application.

60ml / 2 fl.oz

- Made in Japan

How to Use
- With eyes and mouth closed, hold product approximately 10 cm away from face and spray directly onto the skin. Blot excess gently with your palm or a tissue.
- When makeup needs a touch up or there is an oily shine on your face, blot the area with a tissue and spray with the mist. Afterwards, when you apply touch up makeup, the mist will even out foundation, providing a beautiful finish that lasts.

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