Jill Stuart Pure Foaming Wash

JILL STUART Pure Foaming Wash

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A pump type cleansing wash for face & body. Gently cleans by enveloping you in fine and delicate bubbles. Requires no effort to create a lather, easily transforming into soft bubbles. Formulated from a cleanser containing three types of amino acid and soapwort extract, a natural cleaning agent. While cleaning the dirt from your body it also protects the moisture that your skin requires, and has a mild finish.
Sweet cotton fragrance, which combines pure sweetness with a powdery feeling.

Tested for safety on children's skin. Can also be used by children.
* For ages 3 years and up.

Contains no artificial colors, and has been tested for causing allergies. (Some people may still experience an allergic reaction)

300ml / 10.14 fl.oz

How to Use
- Take a suitable amount on your hand, gently wash as though enveloping your body in bubbles, and then thoroughly wash it off.
- 3 pumps (around the size of a ping-pong ball) is the recommended amount when washing your face.

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