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LISSAGE Skinmaintenizer M Trial Size

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A 2-in-1 toner and moisturizer for ultimate skin health and maintenance. This radiance-boosting formula softens the skin which allows ingredients to penetrate more deeply, enhancing the efficacy of your complete skincare ritual.

Formulated with water-soluble collagen to deeply hydrate skin and strengthen the moisture barrier, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness.

42ml / 1.4 fl.oz

M I - for oily to oily-dry skin
M II - for oily-dry to normal skin
M III - for normal to dry skin
M IV - for dry skin

- Made in Japan
- Dermatologically tested

How to Use
- Use morning and night.
- After cleansing, apply with a cotton pad. Spread evenly over the face and then gently pat the entire face.


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LISSAGE Skinmaintenizer M Trial Size
M I - ¥2,000
  • M I - ¥2,000
  • M II - ¥2,000
  • M III - ¥2,000
  • M IV - ¥2,000