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MiMC Lymphdrainage Foundation Brush

MiMC Lymphdrainage Foundation Brush

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A high-quality, 'Veggy' powder brush made from plant materials.

Cooperating with Kumano Fude (Traditional brush made in Kumano), this foundation brush has been made from plant based fiber (TAfrE) for the first time in Japan. By using TAfrE, it feels nice and soft like high grade animal hair.
By adding cuticle texture on the plant based fiber, it feels nice and soft like animal hair when you touch it and it will effortlessly and instantaneously blend your foundation at the level where the professional makeup artist can use. The brushes are high quality as handmade by traditional artisans one brush by one brush, from selecting the fiber to finish.

Total Length: Approx. 14.5cm 

- After each use, take off the excess powder on the brush with tissue.

- Made in Japan
- Cruelty-free


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MiMC Lymphdrainage Foundation Brush