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ONE BY KOSE Melanoshot White D

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A brightening serum that visibly reduces the look of dark spots, evens skin tone, and revives radiance, leaving skin refined for a luminescent glow from within.. Formulated with active ingredient Kojic Acid, it works from the surface layers, where the spot is visible, down to the inside of the melanocyte.

Kojic Acid decreases melanin content of the skin and provides excellent brightening-lightening effect. Reduces the appearance of dark spots and evens the skin tone.

40ml, 65ml

How to Use
- Apply evenly after toner daily, morning and evening.


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ONE BY KOSE Melanoshot White D
40ml - ¥6,500
  • 40ml - ¥6,500
  • 40ml Refill - ¥6,300
  • 65ml - ¥9,000
  • 65ml Refill - ¥8,800