RMK Skintuner Treatment M Moist

RMK Skintuner Treatment M Moist

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A lotion that delivers powerful natural ingredients deep into the skin to permeate, hydrate and strengthen defence barrier in multiple levels of the skin to result in beautified skin from within. Highly nutritious extracts, Rice Bran Extract and Acerola Extract, moisturizing and cosseting the skin thoroughly for supple, plump and healthy skin. This light-weight MOIST type nourishes and revitalizes your skin and soul day after day for a soft rejuvenated skin.

Scented with essential oils such as soothing Lavender and Rose Wood with the spicy kick of ginger.


How to Use
- Dispense 4 pumps into the palm of the hand or onto cotton pads and apply using circular movements to the entire face. (Repeat several times when applying without cotton)

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