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SUQQU Blooming Glow Primer

SUQQU Blooming Glow Primer

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A lightweight primer that cares tone-related concerns such as dullness, yellowness, lack of luster & unevenness caused by aging.

SUQQU's original ‘blooming pink’ filter, a clear tint that matches any skin tone, sweeps away dullness and yellowing of skin caused by aging, UV rays and sebum. It has a perfect balance of yellow & blue, developed to correct tones for supple, healthy looking skin.

Two different light-deflecting pearls create uplifting radiance & correct dullness: Orange interference pearls, the colour close to natural skin, creates a soft healthy glow while lavender pearls enhance clarity.

25ml / 0.85 fl.oz

- SPF12 PA++
- Made in Japan

How to Use
- Shake well before each use.


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SUQQU Blooming Glow Primer