SUQQU Treatment Liquid Wash

SUQQU Treatment Liquid Wash

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Brand: SUQQU

  • 150ml

Product Details

A quick and easy, wipe-off 'face wash' liquid that removes impurities effectively without the need for water to rinse off, while keeping the skin hydrated.

If washing with water leaves your skin dry & tight, this will be an ideal alternative for you. It lifts impurities to be wiped off effortlessly whilst leaving the skin very moisturised with Fermented Soymilk Extract. It also prepares and helps the skin to absorb moisturisers /serums that come afterwards. Introduce it to your skincare routine, whether morning, evening or both. It will maximise the goodness of your skincare products.

150ml / 5 fl.oz

How to Use
- Take 3-4 pumps to a cotton pad & move it gently over your face, from the centre to the side. Alternatively, you can use your palms to apply the liquid gently onto your entire face. Then rinse off with water.

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