THREE Scalp & Hair Cleansing Oil

THREE Scalp & Hair Cleansing Oil

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  • 60ml

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A scalp cleansing oil with a blend of botanical oils and essential oils that helps to quickly dissolve and completely remove the sebum and styling agents clogging the pores that are otherwise hard to remove with only shampoo.


How to Use
- Use when both your hair and scalp are dry before shampoo.
- Appropriate amount: Depends on the conditions of the scalp and hair
- Applying to the scalp: Divide the hair into several sections, and directly apply the oil on the skin of a scalp with a dropper.
- Cleansing & massage: Rub the applied oil into the skin with the thick part of your finger in a zigzag motion to cleanse and dissolve the dirt in the pores. After the massage, wash away with hot water.

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