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HACCI Honey Beauty Soap

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A facial soap bar that deeply cleanses, tones, and moisturizes without stripping or irritating the skin.

80g / 2.8 oz (Regular box)
120g / 4.3 oz (Value-size in a simple paper package)

- Infused with a maximum 10% of pure honey, quickly lather into creamy smoothing foam that gently cleanses, tones, and promotes moisture retention, elasticity, and firmness.
- Contains a lot of vitamin C which is essential for beautiful skin to have clear and transparent skin.
- Paraben-free; mineral oil-free
- Made in Japan

How to Use
Gently massage your skin with the rich foam containing microscopic air bubbles created by quality honey to open pores for a complete cleansing experience. Can also be used on the entire body.
Tip: Pack with foam for snow-white skin

-Use the foaming net to produce a rich lather
-Apply and leave foam on for a few minutes
-Rinse to reveal beautiful, translucent skin with clean pores


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HACCI Honey Beauty Soap
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