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HABA Whitening Squalane

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A skin brightening serum featuring squalane and vitamin C derivative. It creates an ideal moisture balance on skin surface by supporting skin's natural barrier function, and promotes soft skin. With a smooth texture, it permeates effortlessly into the inner skin. With only a single drop per usage, it is a perfect beauty oil to deliver moisture and brighten your skin tone.

Formulated without alcohol, paraben, fragrance, mineral oil. Suitable for all skin types.

Squalane - Protectant
Vitamin E - Nourishes the skin


Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, Squalane, Natural Vitamin E

How to Use
- When skin is still wet after applying enough toner, take one (or a few) drops on palm and blends on palms. Then gently apply to entire face evenly, as if you wrap your face by both hands.
* Same usage as Squalane. No need to use both together.

- Made in Japan
- Quasi-drug


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HABA Whitening Squalane