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HACCI Candy Coloring Foaming Net Bubble Pink

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This specially designed net brings out the most lather from our honey facial soap. By placing the ring on your finger, you can easily and efficiently create a rich, dense lather. After cleansing, hook the net by the ring with the soap in it. Chic, hygienic, and also functional, the net is designed for easy use. 

- Made in Japan

Pearl Citron

How to Use
- Place the facial soap into the net.
- Wet the soap and net. Scrub plenty of soap onto the mesh material.
- Take out the soap. Add a little water to the net, and puff it in and out, slowly foaming up lather.
- Once the lather becomes dense like meringue cream, squeeze it out of the net.
- Apply plenty of lather to your face. Do not scrub, but smooth the lather over your face as you wash. Thoroughly rinse off soap lather with lukewarm or cold water.


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HACCI Candy Coloring Foaming Net Bubble Pink