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HAKU Active Melanoreleaser

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A medicated brightening lotion that helps reveal fresher, brighter skin. Contains active brightening ingredient 4MSK and Softeningreleaser, a skin balancing and protective compound. It wipes off unnecessary, old skin cells that contain skin-darkening melanin, while also returning moisture to the skin. Leaves your skin hydrated and luminous.

120ml / 4 fl.oz
(Refill: 100ml / 3.3 fl.oz)

- Made in Japan
- Quasi-drug
- Fragrance-free

How to Use
- After cleansing your face, dispense 3 pumps of the product onto a cotton pad and
gently wipe the entire face by massaging it into the skinin a circular motion.


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HAKU Active Melanoreleaser
120ml full size - ¥5,700
  • 120ml full size - ¥5,700
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