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IPSA ClearUp Lotion

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A lotion to purify the skin and enhances the penetration of ME. Gently wipes away unnecessary corneum and impurities in pores which are hard to clean by washing, leaving skin clear and healthy.

150ml / 5.07 fl.oz

1 - For oily skin
Removes dull, dead cells caused by excessive sebum production with "sebum dissolving soft micro-ball technology" to reveal smooth, fresh skin.
2 - For dry skin
Formulated with Grape Seed Oil to gently removes dull, dead cells caused by dryness, leaving skin soft and smooth.

How to Use
- Use after cleansing.
- Place an appropriate amount (a 500-yen coin size) on a cotton pad, and carefully wipe off the skin surface.


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IPSA ClearUp Lotion
1 (for oily skin) - ¥5,400
  • 1 (for oily skin) - ¥5,400
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