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MiMC Mineral Liquidry Shadow

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A liquid eye shadow that provides lasting hydration and shimmer to create a radiant finish.

Contains carefully-selected plant extracts to prevent skin irritation and dehydration caused by UV rays. It features an "Eye Serum" formula to deliver hydration, permeating smoothly into inner skin. After the serum blends with the skin, only the mineral powder will be left adhered to the skin. It keeps its fresh, shiny glow for hours. It can be removed with soap easily without stressing the skin. It provides exquisite luminosity and sheerness manipulating different expressions with the eyes.

Formulated WIHTHOUT: Carbob black, mineral oil, artificial fragrance, talc, silicone, alcohol, paraben


- Made in Japan

01 Veil Pink - Nude Pink Beige
02 Day of Light - Beige Gold


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MiMC Mineral Liquidry Shadow
01 Veil Pink - ¥4,200
  • 01 Veil Pink - ¥4,200
  • 02 Day of Light - ¥4,200