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Paul & Joe Beaute Gel Blush

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A "juicy" blush that blends with the skin to clearly impart color and a dewy radiance to the cheeks.

Containing approximately 80% water-based ingredients, the GEL BLUSH formula is modeled after that of GEL FOUNDATION. GEL BLUSH glides effortlessly over the skin with a pleasant cooling sensation, forming a thin, uniform veil of pigment for a flawless finish. It gives a natural glow that appears to emanate from within. A buildable blush, meaning the intensity of the pigment can be adjusted as desired.
The formula corrects tonal and textual unevenness and covers pores, preventing the makeup from settling into pores; a problem often encountered with cream blushes. It creates a supple, radiant layer, which is resistant to smudges and perspiration. This means the flawless finish stays intact for hours.


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Paul & Joe Beaute Gel Blush
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