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POLA B.A Cleansing Cream

POLA B.A Cleansing Cream

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A treatment cleansing cream with a powerful cleansing action that melts into the skin immediately on application.

So effective it removes even waterproof makeup quickly and without trace.
Dissolving all makeup, dust, perspiration, pollution and impurities.
Melts away sebum clogged in pores. After cleansing the skin feels velvety smooth.

130g / 4.59 oz

How to Use
- Take a cherry size amount and dab on 5 points on the dry face (the forehead, both cheeks, the nose, the chin). Smooth over the entire face, from center towards out.
- Work the product gently into the skin, drawing spirals to lift makeup away from the skin.
- Rinse well with cold or lukewarm water. Follow with the Wash.
To remove eye and lip makeup:
- Use a small amount on a cotton pad to remove makeup around the delicate eye area and the lips.


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POLA B.A Cleansing Cream