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RMK Concentrate Advance Cream

RMK Concentrate Advance Cream

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An Intensive moisturizing cream which enwrap the skin with its luxuriously rich veil, enhancing the generation of moisture and revitalization of the skin for a firmer, smoother, supple texture. Enriched with Niacinamide, Vitamin E, and Glycyrrhizin Acid to protect the skin from ambient dryness, and prevent skin irritation. Its texture is as rich and enveloping as silk velvet, and melts sensually into your skin. Scented with citrus maxima fruit (pomelo), blended with orange and bergamot to deliver a mild juicy note for ultimate skincare relaxation.

30g / 1 oz

How to Use
- Use after toner, apply a pearl size of the cream, and spread all over your face.
- Gently wrap and push into your face with palms for deeper penetration.


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RMK Concentrate Advance Cream