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RMK W Treatment Oil

RMK W Treatment Oil

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This double-layered treatment oil consists a skin-softening emollient oil layer, and a drenching water-soluble formula, both abundant in nutrients to activate the skin. By using before your usual skincare products, the W Treatment Oil softens the skin, regulates the circulation to enhance the penetration of the skincare products to be applied. It works to strengthen the skin's barrier function, sealing and locking in the nutrients to finish. Infused with Baobab Oil and Argan Oil which made it perfect for massaging, it promotes the blood circulation, while leaving the skin firmer and silky soft to touch. Scented with a blend of 8 floral and citrus essential oils including Orange and Neroli.

50ml / 1.69 fl.oz

How to Use
- Shake well before use. After cleansing, gently smooth and massage 4 to 5 drops of treatment oil onto the face.


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RMK W Treatment Oil