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SUQQU Clay Purifying Scrub

SUQQU Clay Purifying Scrub

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A gentle yet effective face scrub with plant-based scrub particles that gradually break down (‘crush’) into smaller particles upon application, which means less stress for the skin, even if rubbed on. Removes impurities without stripping away the skin.

Made with two mineral-rich ingredients — Moroccan lava clay (adhesion ingredient) and charcoal (cleansing ingredient). These natural ingredients capture sebum, grime and other impurities in the pores, leaving you with clean, fresh skin.


- Made in Japan

How to Use
- Place a muscat-sized amount on your hand and spread it gently around the entire face in a circular motion. Avoiding the eye and mouth areas, gently massage. Rinse with cold or warm water.


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SUQQU Clay Purifying Scrub