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IPSA Pore Skincare Steps

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A 2-step skincare set that clears out clogged pores and eliminates blackheads while preventing new ones from showing up.

Step 1
This balm formulated with treatment oils (Grape seed oil and Safflower oil) melts into the skin to dissolve sebum and dirt clogged deep inside the pores without irritating the skin.
Step 2
This lotion contains Amino Acid and Hypericum Perforatum Extract to helps smooth the skin's surface, also contains Glycylglycine to tighten the skin and decrease the appearance of visible pores.

Balm (20g), Lotion (6ml)

- Made in Japan

How to Use
- Use the balm once or twice a week.
- Apply the balm (step 1) onto dry, clean face after cleansing.
- Rinse the balm off with water and apply the lotion. (step 2)
- Use the lotion everyday for at least 14 days, even on the days you don't use the balm.
- After 14 days, use the balm and lotion once or twice a week.


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IPSA Pore Skincare Steps